Who We Are?


We fulfill customers’ needs by providing them with the perfect solutions. Our solutions are technology based, and development oriented.

Our Mission

To be recognized as one of the top 3 effective companies in Egypt in affecting innovatively, positively and technologically in the lives of individuals.

Our Vision

To deliver creative solutions and ideas to 20 million people in 5 years by thinking Out of the Box!

Our Work


Logica’s i-Table is a multi-user interactive table designed to promote group collaboration, engagement and interactive presentations. The intuitive touch interface allows up to six users at once to access a wealth of tools and resources.

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Virtual Reality

The new power in Real estate selling !, with virtual reality having the ability to create emotional experiences with an environment, this may be just what developers have been looking for to boost sales!

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Augmented Reality

Let your customers watch your print ads turn into a 3D building and explore lobbies, floor plans and much more in an interactive way. All they have to do is point their smart phone – just click – to start exploring, Make your real estate print ads more interactive with Augmented Reality.

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3D Real Time Rendering

For the first time in the Middle East, Impress your clients with a detailed 3D model of your project including landscape, yards, gardens, swimming pools, ponds, decks, fences, patios, and much more, in a real-time interactive presentation that you can control using your fingers.

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Logica’s touch tables allow multiple users to collaborate around a large horizontal surface. Users can brainstorm and analyze information around the touch table by simply touching its surface.

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Our innovative iDesk allows businessmen to use Interactive technology integrated in their office furniture. The touch screen built inside the desk can be used vertically or inclined allowing comfort in use. The screen is also connected wireless to another screen for presentation purpose. There are many modern and classic designs for matching different passions.

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Selfie Spot

It’s a new marketing ways to increase your contacts, which allows to your visitors to keep interacting with the company by taking photos and share their location at your home page on Facebook or send this photos by adding his/her number to send it via what's app and instagram.

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E-Guest Book

We designed eGuest book to meet your expectation and to match the technology in our daily life. It combines your guests’ photos and messages into one beautifully designed composite image and once the wedding is over it will be saved for you to enjoy. Your guests will be able to use their fingers to write or draw their own messages or take images to save forever.

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Custom Solution

We don’t just create customized applications, we build solutions for your business problems. We’ve got a long success record and the trust of the world’s biggest brands. Whether it's strategy, concept, design or development, OutBox handled it all.

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